An essential aspect of nursing education is providing students with the opportunity to learn and practice nursing skills in non-threatening, simulated environments. The Ch. Dilip Singh Nursing College provides faculty with the resources to conduct these activities and serves as a valuable resource to students in fostering self-directed, independent learning. Well-equipped classrooms, laboratories and faculty offices provide an atmosphere conducive to work and study.


1. Classroom and Library:
College classroom is full fledged with modern teaching facilities like, OHP, Slide projector, TV, Multi media projector, Power point etc. Library is equipped with the relevant books, journals and publication.

2. Computer Laboratory:
The College has separate computer lab for the students with sufficient computers. Labs and faculty offices are equipped with networked computers, which facilitate electronic communication between faculty and students. Students also use the Computer Lab to complete their assignments using word processing software, databases, statistical programs, and graphical interfaces.

3. Clinical Skills Laboratories:
The college is equipped with science and nursing clinical skills laboratories with sufficient models, equipments and materials needed for students’ learning as per the requirements of Indian Nursing Council. The clinical laboratory is full fledged to conduct several Biochemical, Hematological and Microbiological investigations. A variety of manikins, models, equipments, and supplies support these skills.

4. Clinical Learning Facilities:
Opportunities are available for excellent clinical exposure in many stages of health and illness. Various governmental and non-governmental hospitals, health institutions, and selected community and community health facilities in surrounding areas are used for clinical experience.

5. Hostel & Mess:
College provides well-structured hostel facility as per the need of the students. Students need not to bring any stuff except their personal belongings. Hygienic and good quality vegetarian food is provided in Hostel. Canteen facility is also available in college for all staffs and students.

6. Library Facility:
The college library is well equipped with more than one thousand latest edition books and Indian and Foreign Nursing Journals.